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Letter From the President



My name is Abby Childress, and I am the current Phi Mu Delta Tau President! Delta Tau and I welcome you to take a glimpse into our sisterhood that embodies our values of love, honor, and truth. Phi Mu is not just an organization we participate in during our collegiate years, but it is a bond shared among members through a lifetime of generations that provides opportunities, support, and sisterhood. Within our Delta Tau chapter, we strive to uplift our members by promoting personal growth, academic success, and strengthening community involvement. I am honored to represent the women of the Phi Mu Delta Tau Chapter as the 2022 President.

I owe the women who wear pink my confidence, my integrity, my loyalty to commitment, and my perseverance as I strive to be the best version of myself. Three years ago, I would be astonished if someone told me I would be serving as chapter President to 156 amazing women. As a freshman, I had no idea of the immense networking, experiences, gatherings, and memories that I would be provided. Now, I cherish it each and every day. Phi Mu has instilled a confidence in me that my younger self would be proud of.

The sisterhood of Phi Mu Delta Tau is one where you are encouraged to get involved, happy to be around one another, and heart broken when reaching your last semester of senior year. When joining an organization, such as Phi Mu, you are shown that your unique personality shines and positively impacts every individual. Through our differences, we are strengthened to empower one another. The women in Delta Tau have helped me find my purpose in life, and I hope they are able to help you find yours too.

I hope you enjoy looking through some of the highlights of our chapter as a small glimpse into the experience our sisterhood. If you want to learn more about Phi Mu as an organization, I recommend digging deeper onto our website, social media pages, or reaching out to myself or another member of the chapter. Phi Mu provides the opportunity for all individuals to flourish and grow! Thank you for reading, and we cannot wait to hear from you!


Abigail Childress