New Member Dance 

The beginning of each semester brings an exciting social calendar. The Fall semester starts with the New Member Dance where the new members get to pick the theme. This year the theme was "Rock and Roll". It's always a great way to start off the year and allows the new members to get to know everyone better. 



Sisters enjoy dressing up, going out, and dancing the night away! This year the theme was Flamingle. Sisters asked their dates by putting a flamingo in their date's front yard. 



Carnation Ball 

Phi Mu has an annual Carnation Ball in the spring. The carnation is Phi Mu's flower. It is a formal dance where everyone dresses up in pink, red, silver, black, or white. It's a fun time getting all dolled up with your sisters!


Senior Send-Off

The last dance of the Spring semester is called Senior Send-off, which is in honor of our seniors leaving Phi Mu and WKU to join the real world. The seniors pick the theme of the dance and everyone and their dates get to dress up in costume. This year's theme was "You Are What You Netflix" and sisters were encouraged to dress up as their favorite Netflix show. It's a bittersweet moment for everyone. We'll miss the seniors, but we're still so proud of them!