Phi Mu

Western Kentucky University

– Delta Tau –




Phi Mu initiated members share a bond. A bond that is so enriched in tradition and ritual that only truly committed women will experience. We, Phi Mu Delta Tau, are committed to our strong sisterhood and always support each other.

 Membership in Phi Mu teaches us the true meaning of sisterhood.  No matter what we are doing, we always enjoy doing it together!  Whether it is spending a weekend on Sisterhood Retreat, going on vacations together, practicing for Spring Sing, going to baseball games, or watching our favorite TV shows in the Phi Mu House, we value the time we share with one another.  


A Phi Mu wedding 

The bonds that we form during these times help carry us throughout our college years and continue to stay with us for a lifetime. This is the truly the place where you find your bridesmaids.