Phi Mu

Western Kentucky University

– Delta Tau –

Why Join Phi Mu

 Maybe you have it all figured out, maybe not. In either case you'll need friends to help you along the way. Girlfriends. Sisters. Friends committed to you through a lifetime of ups and downs. Friends who'll help you grow as a person and as a leader. Friends who'll be there when you realize that you really don't have it all figured out. Friends who'll need you to be there for them, too. You know the type. They are the girlfriends who demonstrate that BFF sort of connection with you. They are there to build you up and to be by your side as you build up others. They have a special sort of energy about them. They are vibrant. And they're looking forward to friending you at Phi Mu.

Four Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu:

  • To Make Friends
  • To Be The Best You
  • For An Opportunity To Lead
  • Because You Like To Help Others




Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu: 

To Make Friends: You’ve made friends before and you’ll make new ones here. These new friendships will prove to be some of the most valued relationships of your life and some of the best connections you’ll make toward your future. Phi Mu offers lifetime friendship among women who will become like sisters to you. We pursue a bright future together. From your first days as a Phi Mu in our Big Sis/Little Sis program through the years after college as part of an alumnae chapter in the city where you work and live – we’ll remain connected just as tens of thousands of other Phi Mu women have for over 150 years.

With collegiate chapters on nearly 120 campuses and hundreds of alumnae chapters for members after college, you’re likely to continue making Phi Mu friends for the rest of your life, wherever you go.


To Be the Best Version of Yourself:  The Phi Mu house provides a places to stay where a strong value system is established among young women with high ideals. 

Phi Mu encourages you to expand your leadership skills and abilities by getting involved not only in our chapter, but also on campus. We want to push you out of your comfort zone to have experience you never thought possible. There are many leadership opportunities in Phi Mu. It’s a chance to put your skills to work with others. We have opportunities for members to run on the executive council, be on committees or organize and direct committees themselves. The skills members learn are transferable into your community, home and professional lives from here on out.

Our accountability programs ensure consistent and specific “right behaviors” including a strong anti-hazing policy and chapter-led programs relating to social issues. Through programming and workshops, we provide our members with valuable tools and lessons that prepare them for life after college. We see the importance of preparing our young women to be working adults and model citizens by holding you accountable in academics and your personal life. 



"To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand": Like our creed states, Phi Mu seeks to better our world by inspiring an eagerness for willing service.  You've learned life lessons and classroom lessons and want to build on those toward your goals. You've been loved and cared for so now you want to give back. Phi Mu provides a venue through which women like you can contribute to society and make a difference in Bowling Green. We have a long tradition of charitable and service efforts. And, more than simply promoting the idea of volunteerism, we enable your desire to lend a helping hand.

Phi Mu at WKU helps raise and contribute over $6,000 annually to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and gives thousands of hours of community service hours in Bowling Green. We also join campus efforts of fundraising by participating in events such as Dance Big Red and Midnight on the Hill.